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Martirez | Chemical and Materials Modeling



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I’m currently an Assistant Project Scientist in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles, working with UCLA’s Executive Vice Chancelor and Provost Emily A. Carter.

Research thrust. Application of quantum mechanical methods (density functional theory and multiconfigurational correlated wavefunction or post Hartree-Fock theories, e.g., CASSCF, CASPT2, and NEVPT2) to understand and design functional (nano)materials, focusing on materials for sustainable energy conversion technologies and green chemical processing


2020 ACS Physical Chemistry Division Young Investigator Awards

Research Highlights

A recent Princeton/UCLA, Rice, and UCSB collaboration entitled “Light-driven methane dry reforming with single atomic site antenna-reactor plasmonic photocatalysts,” which appeared in Nature Energy, was featured in Daily Bruin “UCLA researchers help develop improved process for synthesis gas production” by Zhichun Li, January 22, 2020

Chemical & Engineering News: “Light-activated catalyst makes syngas greener” by Leigh Krietsch Boerner, January 17, 2020

Rice News: “Rice’s low-temp photocatalyst could slash the carbon footprint for syngas” by Jade Boyd, January 10, 2020

Nature - Research Highlights: “More light than heat helps turn greenhouse gases into valuable product” January 9, 2020

and UCLA newsroom: “A greener, simpler way to create syngas” by Mathew Chin, January 6, 2020

Our paper J. M. P. Martirez, and E. A. Carter, Prediction of a Low-Temperature N2 Dissociation Catalyst Exploiting Near IR-to-Visible Light Nanoplasmonics. Sci. Adv., 3, eaao4710 (2017) was featured in Chemical and Engineering News, Princeton Engineering News, and Princeton University News